Phenological Photos - Second Week of April

Sharp and Round Lobed Hepatica flowering

Bloodroot flowering

First Painted Turtle, sunning on a log
Female Red Wing Blackbirds return to join the males in the wetlands
More Hooded Mergansers congregate on the smaller lakes with open water
Overwintering Adult Butterflies emerge (Eastern Comma)
White Breasted Nuthatches prepare nests in a woodpecker cavities
Tree Swallows return and hunt for insects by flying low over the water
First Garter Snakes seen sunning in warm sunny spots in the woods
Fox Sparrows stop by on their way north

Eastern Phoebes hunt for insects along creeks and streams.
Their tails bob as they perch on trees.
The first warblers arrive from the south. (Yellow Rumped Warbler)
Fly species perch in the leaf litter
Many deciduous trees in full bloom. (Red Maple)
Male and female Pileated Woodpeckers seen foraging together