Native Plant of the Week: Ohio Spiderwort ~ Tradescantia ohiensis

Common (Ohio) Spiderwort ~ Tradescantia ohiensis

Common Spiderwort is a great native perennial plant for well drained soils. Its showy three petaled flowers open in early spring and flower into July.

We added several Common Spiderwort plants in our grant plan last year where we did a wildlife corridor between our prairie species into the backyard shaded woodland.

The plants are doing really well in our sandy soils, the flowers open up in the mornings, close for the mid-day heat then reopen in the evenings for pollinators.

Common Spiderwort has a unique form, the long linear leaves branch out horizontally like arms. It contrasts well with any other plants.

Pollinators include syrphid flies who like the open flowers with easy access.

If you have well drained soils in full or part sun, this is a nice native to include in your landscape. Many forms of Spiderwort are readily available through the horticultural nursery trade. The flower color can range from purple, pink, light blue and white.

Common Spiderwort is native to eastern North America from Ontario south to Texas and eastwards.