A New Long Horned Beetle Visitor

Typocerus velutinus

Every year, we see more and more new insects in the yard. The latest arrival was a type of Long Horned Beetle.

A colorful large beetle with long antennae, it's medium brown in color with yellow markings. This beetle likes to feed on pollen on many of native prairie species, the Coneflowers (Echinacea) being the preferred plant of choice.

Love was in the air last week as a pair held still long enough for me to photograph. The larvae are borers of both new and decaying wood as well as herbaceous plants.

Some types of Long Horned Beetles  "have very long development times - sometimes decades - and some species have symbiotic microorganisms that help them digest woody meals." (Insects Their Natural History and Diversity)

What kind of Long Horned Beetles do you see in your yard?