Native Plant of the Week: Riddell's Goldenrod ~ Oligoneuron riddelli

Riddell's Goldenrod ~ Oligoneuron riddellii (Solidago riddellii)

Riddell's Goldnerod flowerered earlier this year, like most plants due to the early, warm spring. Last year, it was in full bloom in the first week of October.

Riddell's Goldenrod is a native perennial of moist prairies, wetland edges and calcareous fens. It's distribution is somewhat sporadic in its range because of its favored habitat.

Flowers are comrpised of a branced cluster with a large number of flower heads, each with several rays.

Leaves are narrow, arching downwards in a concave curve away from the stem. The center vein is very pronounced and many field guides describe the leaves being folded along the midrib.

Image ©Katy Chayka
Minnesota Wildflowers
Last year, I did not get a chance to observe insect activity when it flowered in the first week of October. This year however, it was a magnet to many native bees including Bumble Bees, and Mining Bees.

If you have a moist, limy location in your landscape, Riddell's Goldenrod would be a good candidate. Be sure to buy seed or plants from reputable growers. Riddell's Goldenrod is listed as threatened in Manitoba and Arkansas.

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Riddell's Goldenrod is native to the midwest and southern Great Lakes states. See map for range.