Book Release: Pollinators of Native Plants

Available March 2014

Book Website:

Attract and Support Pollinators with Native Plants
•  Over 65 perennial native plants of the Midwest, Great Lakes region, Northeast and southern Canada profiled
•  Pollinators, beneficial insects and flower visitors featured that the native plants attract
•  1600+ photos of native plants, pollinators and beneficial insects
•  Attract, observe and identify pollinators on native plants
•  Informational chapters on pollination, types of pollinators and beneficial insects, pollinator habitat and conservation
•  Native plant chapters including prairie, woodland edge and wetland edge
•  Sample pollinator landscape plans including site-specific and pollinator-specific plans

The book underscores the pivotal role that native plants play in supporting pollinators and beneficial insects.

Paperback with full-color interior, photographs and illustrations throughout
6” x 9”, 320 pp., ISBN 9780991356300