This blog was created as a resource for homeowners in the Midwestern and Northeastern states and provinces to help with all aspects of restoring one's landscape.

As a horticulturalist, I am passionate about plants but was becoming dismayed at the extent of invasive species in our natural areas - many introduced by the very industry I worked in. After completing several local restorations I started to help others in the grant writing, design and implementation process of restoring their own landscapes.

This blog chronicles the restoration projects in my own 2/3 acre Minnesota landscape, the native plants utilized and the ongoing results. It also looks beyond the borders of our yard to local plant communities, profiling native and invasive plant species of the upper Midwest.

Lastly all of the amazing benefits of restoring one’s landscape are discussed, as well as new insects, birds, amphibians and other wildlife. Recreating or restoring a natural ecosystem with native plants has been both challenging and rewarding. My hope is that you will be inspired to add more native plant species to your own landscape, and develop an understanding of your local natural landscape and plant communities.