Land Use History & Chronology

2004 September - November
  •  Began removal of 1100 square feet of rock    mulch and plastic
  •  Planted 300 square feet of prairie plugs
  •  Removed all buckthorn from property

  • Removed exotic honeysuckle and pulled garlic mustard
  • Completed removal of rock mulch
  • Planted 200 native bare root shrubs in eastern portion of the property
  • Smothered western slope lawn (creeping charlie) with newspaper and mulch
  • Planted prairie natives on slope

  • Converted 80% of mowed areas back to natural leaf litter, papered and mulched in some areas to smother weeds, especially creeping charlie
  • Added more prairie species to western slope
  • Planted a wet/mesic native garden behind garage
  • Started removal of European Bellflower on southern portion of property
  • Added 5 nestboxes to property, successful chickadee, house wren, cardinal and great crested flycatcher nests

  • Removed 1800 square feet of asphalt along driveway and garage including large parking pad
  • Removed 150 yards of added fill (from parking pad) and restored soil level to natural grade
  • Added 25 yards of compost to former hardscape
  • Planted formerly paved area with native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants
  • Planted more shade and prairie species where lawn was smothered with newspaper and mulch
  • Installed gutters and downspouts on house in preparation of rain barrels
  • Hung solitary bee nesting boards

  • Added 6, 55 gallon rain barrels to collect 2/3 of house rooftop rain
  • Planted 150 woodland natives in back yard, eastern portion
  • Continued removal of European Bellflower from property
  • Cut lilac trees on south slope, treated stumps
  • Hosted community garden tour (Wild Ones)