Our Native Landscape Story (Part 8): Planting Prairie Plugs & Removing More Stone Mulch

This is Part 8 of Our Native Landscape Story.

Each of the posts in this series has showcased sections of our yard and what we've done in each section including before and after photos.

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Part 3: Removing Stone Mulch
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Part 6: Planting Natives on a Steep Hillside
Part 7: Planting the Hillside

Part 8 is the area in front of our west facing deck and the top of the slope from Part 7More stone mulch was covering this part of the garden. Interspersed in the stone mulch was some Japanese Spiraea which were removed.
Before photo, July 2004. View towards deck.
Stone Mulch Removed in September 2004
View looking up slope.
Started to remove wood timbers along steps as well.
All stone mulch and wood timbers removed.
Prairie plugs planted in late fall 2004.

March 2009. Left plant stems and leaves
all winter for overwintering insects.

Early May 2009. Cut down plant stems and left on
ground around plants. Prairie species emerging.
Late August 2009.

Some of the native prairie species we planted were, Little Bluestem, Kalm's Brome, June Grass, Pale Indian Plantain, False White Indigo, Black Eyed Susans, Joe Pye Weed, Pale Purple Coneflower, Butterfly Milkweed, Stiff Goldenrod, and Prairie Smoke. We also added Pasque Flower and Wild Lupine for early spring color.