Discoveries Out & About: Showy Orchid ~ Galearis spectabilis

Showy Orchid ~ Galearis spectabilis

I learned about these orchids growing locally through the park Plant Walk series held by my municipality.

Showy Orchids are short orchids, 4-6" in height with pale pink to dark pink petals and sepals, and white lip. The flowers are quite large, about 1.5" long. The two glossy basal leaves clasp the stem and frame the flower stalks.

These orchids were growing upslope from a wetland in partial sun on a bed of moss underneath Gray Dogwoods.

Several references state that these orchids are often found in limy soil.

Showy Orchids flower in the spring, from May to June.

Native to eastern North America. See the BONAP map for details.

Have you seen this orchid before? What type of habitat did you find them growing in?