Phenological Photos - Fourth Week of April

First Wasps Emerge to Pollinate Bloodroot
(Ichneumon Wasp)

Tiny Carpenter Bees Nectaring on Hepatica
Bloodroot Peaks in the Woodlands
Male Pileated Woodpecker excavating nest cavity
Rue Anemone flowers
Blue Winged Teal ducks return
Yellow Rumped Warblers search for insects near water
First Honey Bees seen pollinating willows
Painted Turtles are on the move away from wetlands
Wood Anemone flowering
First Bumble Bee emerges
Pasque Flower flowering
White Throated Sparrows return
Lesser Yellow Legs fly over creek in formation
Dutchman's Breeches flowering
Northern Waterthrush returns
Black and White Warblers return
seeking out insects in tree bark
Two Brown Thrashers visit our yard
Black Throated Green Warblers return
Orange Crowned Warblers work over
Red Elderberry for insects