A Spring Flowering Native Vine

Pale Vetchling ~ Lathyrus ochroleucus (Cream Vetchling)

I found this perennial native vine growing locally just upland of a large creek in partial shade and sandy soil. The irregular, pea flowers range from white to creamy yellow. Before opening, the petals have a tinge of pink. This vine flowers from May - July.

This is nice native vine, only reaching about 3 feet in height. It climbs or grasps other plants with tendrils arising from the end of the leaflets.

The leaves are "pinnately-divided into 3-5 pairs of leaflets...(with) an asymmetrical, rounded, leaf-like appendages at the base". (Wildflowers of Wisconsin)

I have not found a local source to purchase this native vine but it might be a good candidate for use in soil erosion prevention on dry soils and steep slopes (instead of invasive crown vetch).

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North American Plant Atlas. Chapel Hill, N.C.
See the BONAP map below for its native range.