Native Plant of the Week: Michigan Lily ~ Lilium michiganense

Michigan Lily ~ Lilium michiganense

If you want a show stopping native alternative to asiatic lilies, then check out the beautiful Michigan Lily.

The bright orange flowers are speckled with brown spots. Over 3 inches wide, the large buds and flowers hang downwards from a long stem.

Flowers open in early July, as the six tepals unfurl they curve backwards upon themselves.

Michigan Lilies are found in moist locations, along riparian areas and wetland edges. Be sure to plant your bulbs/plants in a mesic to moist location in part or full sun.

The leaves are equally interesting, arranged in whorls on the stem, then becoming alternate at the top near the flowers. We have Michigan Lilies planted just inside our gate and they grow well above our picket fence.

Michigan Lilies are native to northeastern North America. See map below for range.
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