Native Plant of the Week: Showy Goldenrod ~ Solidago speciosa

Showy Goldenrod ~ Solidago speciosa

Showy Goldenrod is one of my favorite Goldenrod species. Flowering now in mid-September, its tall upright stature and bright yellow conical flowers make it a great addition to any medium to dry site in full sun.

On our gravel hillside, it reaches heights of about 40", in more mesic soils it can get close to 5 feet tall.

Image © Katy Chayka
Minnesota Wildflowers

A native of prairies and woodland edges in sandy to loamy soils. It is rhizomatous, but forms nice, manageable clumps.

The leaves are equally attractive as the flowerheads, dark and glossy green. "In the upper half of the plant, there are often small leaves that develop from the upper axils of the primary leaves; they have a wing-like appearance." (Illinois Wildflowers)

It's also a favorite of bees right now. Many species of Bumble Bees, Mining Bees and Honey Bees visit the flowers.

A Jagged Ambush Bug is waiting patiently waiting for its prey (Honey Bee) to get in 'arm's reach'.

Showy Goldenrod is native to eastern North America, see map for range.

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